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Helping golfers get more distance off the tee, play more golf, and shoot lower scores

Helping weekend warriors lift and exercise without fear of injury or re-injury

Randy Gross

"I had a total hip replacement at 45 years old. I had no desire to let it affect me in any of my activities, namely golf. But, add a nagging shoulder injury and I was concerned that the combo would permanently hurt my swing speed and distance. Doing some research, Chris came through a referral from a PGA pro, and I am incredibly grateful to them both for the connection.The best way I can describe Chris is concierge level, personalized, expert and relentless attention guiding me to my goals. Chris focused on what I needed and tailored a multi pronged and fun approach. Getting me confident on my hip led to progression on my swing and I’m truly swinging faster than ever. Chris systematically targeted every problem I had - he’s truly an expert at his craft. When he diagnosed the cause of some pain to a swing issue, I was blown away. That had an immediate impact on my ability to get back into the game. He is hyper focused on my success, and it feels like he can answer every question I have. I truly enjoy working with Chris on what has been a wide and rewarding journey!"

The Process

1. Pinpoint the cause of your symptoms

2. Plan of attack to relieve your symptoms

3. Prevent future recurrence of symptoms with long-term solutions


Pinpoint the cause of your pain 


Individualized plan of attack to knock down pain, restore normal tissue function, strength, and stability


Prevent recurrence with long-term fix rooted in optimizing movement to optimize performance


The Golf Athlete

golf client.png

The golf athlete that wants to be able to play more rounds and gain more distance off the tee

The CrossFit Athlete

CF client.png

The CrossFit athlete with nagging pain that is limiting their climb up their local leaderboard

The Runner Athlete

running client.png

The runner athlete that wants to PR their next marathon but does not have a strength plan

The Pickleball Athlete

pickleball client.png

The pickleball athlete that wants to be more competitive in their league 

The Weekend Warrior

weekend warrior client.png

The weekend warrior with an overuse injury training for their first Spartan Race Trifecta

The Strength Athlete

strength client.png

The weightlifter that has plateaued due to chronic knee pain

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